List the different types of radiation-induced DNA damage

Question 1
a) List the different types of radiation-induced DNA damage (3 marks)
b) List the morphological hallmarks of apoptosis (2 marks)
c) Describe the pathways involved in apoptosis (5 marks)
Question 2
a) Define stochastic and deterministic effects of ionising radiation, giving
an example of each effect (3
b) Define and describe consequential late effects in normal tissues after
radiation therapy (4
c) List the treatment factors that can affect the development of a
consequential late effect.

Question 3
Regarding acute radiation pneumonitis arising from chemo-radiotherapy
a) Describe the clinical features of radiation pneumonitis. (2 marks)
b) Describe the pathophysiology of radiation pneumonitis. (4 marks)
c) Which drugs are particularly implicated? (2 marks)
d) List endogenous mediators thought to be involved. (2 marks)
Question 4
With regard to repopulation
a) Define repopulation. (2 marks)
b) What is the evidence for the existence of repopulation in the clinic? (4 marks)
c) Briefly discuss the approaches that have been used for overcoming
repopulation in the clinic.
(4 marks)
Question 5
Write short notes on:
a) fluorescence in situ hybridisation. (3 marks)
b) knockout mice (4 marks)
Clinical Radiobiology – Previous Examination Papers
c) ATM kinase (3 marks)
Question 6
Write notes on:
a) ionising radiation effects on lymphocytes (4 marks)
b) ionising radiation effects on the ovary. (4 marks)
c) Knudson’s ‘two-hit’ hypothesis (2 marks)

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