Radiological Dispersal Devices)

Students will discuss RDDs (Radiological Dispersal Devices) and their impact at a major event.
It will be your choice and imagination of which venue or major event to use as an example while discussing RDDs.

Roughly 5-10 pages, 1-in margins, Times New Roman 12 pt. font. Please use Microsoft Word.
APA formatting desired (request assistance if needed);
Title, Abstract, and Table of Contents are preferred sections; Main Body, and Reference pages will be required no matter what. Must have at least 5 academic/scholarly references.

Sample Breakdown of Paper
Table of Contents
What are Dirty Bombs and How are They Hazardous?
What Organizations and Authorities are Involved in RDD Response?
OSHA Compliance
How Will Clean-up Workers be Protected?
How Will Workers in the Surrounding Area be Protected?
How Will Neighbors in the Surrounding Area be Protected?
How Will First Responders be Protected?
How Will Health Care Workers be Protected?
What Can be Done to Secure Radioactive Materials?
List Site Specific Actions Based on Venue
Related Safety and Health Topics


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