Implement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions re-order

Implement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions re-order.



HLT51612 – Diploma of Nursing (Enrolled/Division 2 Nursing)


Implement and monitor nursing care for consumer with mental health conditions

Outline of Task 1- Oral Presentation

In this task you are asked to research three (3) mental health conditions and present these as a narrated power point presentation. The presentations from each student will be made available on Moodle for your class colleagues to access following assessment grading.

Your presentation is to be no more than 20 minutes in duration.

A selection of disorders is provided below for you to choose from. If you wish to research a particular topic that is not listed please discuss this with your teacher.

mood disorders
personality disorders – specify
anxiety disorders – specify
organic disorders
panic disorder
social phobia and specific phobias
obsessive-compulsive disorder
post-traumatic stress disorder
depression – specify
bipolar disorder
eating disorders
disorders relating to substance abuse – specify

To demonstrate a satisfactory level of competence the following points need to be addressed

Define Mental Health and Illness. Include historical aspects of mental illness and an understanding of the Queensland Government Mental Health Act 2000 and the Mental Health Bill 2015 (Qld).
Briefly outline each condition you have chosen – pathophysiology, signs and symptoms and treatment options.
Identify and classify the disorders according to both the APA’s Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-V) and International Classification of Disease (ICD).
The causes and impact of stigma on people with mental illness
Consider any positives and negatives aspects of the conditions you are presenting
Describe the role of the Enrolled Nurse as a member of the Mental Health Team – include legal and moral frameworks in delivery of care
Identify issues the person with mental illness may have in regards to education, rehabilitation and life skills

Your presentation is required to be submitted with the cover page provided. Ensure your presentation has a title slide (include your name and student number), a slide introducing the content of the topic, body of the presentation, conclusion and reference slides, as well your narration. You may include links to interesting and relevant fact sheets or Utube videos.

Correct format, grammar, punctuation and spelling is also required in your powerpoint presentation.

Implement and monitor nursing care for consumers with mental health conditions re-order

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