Concordia University Bible in an Hour Readings in Redemptive History Paper

Based upon the assigned reading, “Bible in an Hour”, write a 175-200 word post on what you found most striking about this presentation. Focus on the Bible story itself and topics such as these:

  • Were some parts of the story were familiar to you?
  • If so, were you able to see these familiar portions in a new light because of the BIH’s presentation?
  • What parts of the Bible story unfamiliar to you and/or unexpected? How did they surprise you?

At the bottom of this post, pose two discussion questions that occurred to you while reading and contemplating the content of “ Bible in an Hour” presentation. Again, focus especially on the Bible’s content and storyline.

Also reply to these two discussions with at least 75 words:


I have never fully read the bible, and I think the last time I have opened a bible I was in 6th grade in my CCD class. However, I do have a bible in my home, but again have never actually read it. So I don’t believe any of these parts would be familiar to me. After reading Bible in an Hour, the names Adam and Eve I have always heard about, and to be honest what I knew is that Eve made Adam bite the apple. However, after reading the text, I see that Lucifer had a major role in that. I would have never known that had I not read the text. I was very surprised how much of the bible is about Abraham and God keeping his promises to him. I always thought the bible had a lot to do with God, and Jesus being sacrificed. However, it seems that there is a lot more to the bible than I thought, and it makes me interested in reading the real bible. BIH, did an amazing job summarizing the bible. After reading BIH, it looks like God was only trying to help the people, but seeing how the people would lose faith and give up on him would make God so angry, but in reality he was only trying to keep his promises to Abraham.


1. I wonder what would’ve happened if more people believed in Noah, and went on the boat with him.

2. What could of happened if the people did not lose their faith in God? Would he have been able to fulfill his promises to Abraham sooner?


Upon reading “Bible in an Hour”, I immediately thought about the time when I first heard the story about Adam and Eve when I was only five years old. That was the first story my parents ever told me about who God was. Another story that I was able to connect with was the story about Moses. Growing up in Catholic school, I was able to spend some time learning about the stories in the Bible, one of them which I clearly remember was that of Moses. I remember way back in 1998, when my parents took me to the movies to go see “The Prince of Egypt”, the story about Moses. This brings back learning about the “Ten Commandments” in middle school upon completion of my first communion. As I closely listened to the BIH presentation and closely examined the charts, I was able to see the overall picture of what was occurring. Looking at all the charts I recognized how God acted in all the events that were occurring. For example, in Chart Two in the story of Moses I was able to reflect how God acted when he witnessed all the little boys that were being tossed in the Nile. He was not going to permit the family from dying because this would result in not keeping his promise with Abraham. This not only captured my attention in the story of Moses but in the other stories as well. God acted to every occurrence that occurred whether it was good or bad. One of the stories that really stuck out to me as I was reading “Bible in an Hour” was the Book of Daniel. I was not aware of how Daniel was the one that saw visions of the future as well as how God would end up keeping his promise. I was also not aware of the cruel selection process which is further discussed in the Book of Daniel. This surprised me because I was not aware that “only the brightest would be saved”. Just thinking about the whole situation, really made me think about the purpose that God had for every story.


Why do you think no one believed Noah when he warned the people to flee from the flood that was coming?

Why do you think people began to worship the stars and constellations after violence began to grow?


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