M7D1: The English Reformation

M7D1: The English Reformation.

Unlike the Protestant Reformation on the continent, the English Reformation was not motivated by religious zeal or a desire to reform the church. It stemmed primarily from a very real and intractable political issue that Henry VIII sought to resolve: securing a male heir to ensure the Tudor succession. This resulted in the formation of the Church of England and a period of religious and political instability that was not totally resolved until the Glorious Revolution of 1688.

After reading and viewing the assigned material, discuss the following in your initial post:

Compare the English Reformation to the Protestant Reformation. In your opinion, is it accurate to refer to the English event as a reformation? Why or why not? Include at least one additional resource other than the textbook in your post. Your post should be about 250 words.

One Source must be: Zophy, J. W. (2008). A Short History of Renaissance and Reformation Europe. New York, NY: Pearson College Division.

M7D1: The English Reformation

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