Philippine Noon Time Shows Essay

Philippine Noon Time Shows Essay.

For over a decade now, noontime TV shows have captivated the Filipino public, colloquially known as“the masa”. These shows run for 2 hours a day, 6 days a week, usually from around 2 to 4 o clock pm. Their immense popularity is shown by the long lines of people that wait outside the studio hours before the program starts. All of them, hoping to get a chance to participate in the festivities which include playing games, singing, and dancing. Millions more watch through their television.

All this translates into high TV ratings, eventually generating billions in revenue for the producers and executives. The host himself earns around 1 to 2 million pesos everyday.

The audience mostly consists of people from the D and E demographics. Butch Stuart in his article “Mr Willie” describes them as “those who come from near or far away, many with borrowed transportation money, coming from all walks of masa life. Some of the groups that he mentioned were featured in these shows include: farmers, fishermen, GROs, bus drivers, people with missing teeth, people with special talents, single mothers, gay, graduates who failed their licensing exams, girls who can dance, boys who can sing, bibingka vendors, and, even, young girls with great looking legs.

” Overseas Filipino Workers are also given special mention in the show. Those present in the audience see it as a welcome home celebration, or a way to re-immerse themselves in the Filipino culture.

A euphoric upbeat atmosphere underpins the event. Mr Stuart describes it as “120 minutes of mindless choreographed entertainment – games, dancing, singing and laughter with ample opportunities for ogling”. These events don’t require any complex thinking from the participants. They were designed to be visceral and to conjure a response of raw emotion. Girls in scantily clad outfits are the ones who facilitate the celebration. They serve two purposes in the event. Firstly to captivate and attract through their revealing outfits. But they also carry out logistical tasks like accompanying audience members to the stage and dancing the tunes for everyone to mimic.

The host ensures that all elements of the show are put together. To keep everything lively, his dialogue must always be fast paced. At times he gives off the impression of a cheerleader – always rousing the audience into states of excitement. He will always crack jokes left and right, and will never miss any opportunity even it means making fun of himself. For the show to be successful, the host must understand the sensibilities of the majority lower class audience. The interactive environment can only exist if he can connect with the “masa’s” humor. In Philippine society, no one has been more successful in doing this than Willie Revillame. A household name in television, he has amassed a massive amount of wealth from his noon time shows Wowowee in ABS CBN and later on, Willing willie on TV 5.

Noon time shows rely on the D and E classes as their target audience. When criticism is mounted against these shows, producers are quick to respond that these journalists do not understand the plight of the poor. Some argue that these shows give the poor false hope. They line up for months waiting to be called on stage. Waiting to tell their life story. Waiting to play for a million pesos with house and lot. But the reality is that most of those who line up for the show never even make it to the studio.


We would like to find out why Filipinos from the class D end E brackets are captivated with these noon time shows. It is the poor’s endorsement that sustains them. Companies who want to reach out to this consumer market donate lump sums of money for their products to be advertised on air. They know that the millions of impoverished families watching these shows will see their products. But the poor do more than just endorse. Often they peg their aspirations and dreams to the show itself. Watch any full show and you are sure to come across someone sobbing on air, talking about how his dream was to meet Willie in person.

To answer the question of why the poor are so captivated, we will need to address more specific inquiries. Media for instance, is never a neutral medium. It has the capacity to shape public perception through its different portrayals of reality. After acknowledging that the poor are interested in these shows, we will look into what techniques and strategies these shows use to sustain that interest. It is easy to understand that someone who stumbles across ABSCBN may be mesmerized by the glitz and glamour of the wowowee show girls. But how do the producers maintain that interest for long periods of time when the programs in these shows tend to be repetitive?

Further inquiries may also be raised concerning how we perceive and understand poverty as a social ill. Subconsciously or not, these shows frame this issue in a biased way. Critics are quick to pounce on Willie Revillame for taking advantage of the poor. In return, he retaliates by calling them apathetic and claiming that he truly empathizes with them. Both assertions are possibly right. These shows may be both half empty and full. But perhaps a better way to resolve this conflict is to look into the assumptions about poverty that these shows espouse.

Even more questions can be raised regarding the link between poverty and gender in Philippine society. We question how structures of patriarchy are reinforced and reflected in the arrangments of these shows. Willie Revillame is notorious for using blatantly sexist language. In one account by Butch Stuart, Willie comments on the obesity of a middle aged woman who came up to hug him by saying, “Mas masarap yapusin ang mga dalaga”. But the epitome of this sexism is seen in the dancing girls that liven the show. Mr Butch Stuart describes them as if they were tools to tingle one’s sensations: “Tall, Pretty, Scantily Clad,Jiggling their cleavage breasts, bending, grinding and humping their loins, the tassels and trimmings of their skimpy covers swaying with their dancing, as they blow kisses, seamlessly sequing from program segments to ads, teasing men to the edge of one particular cardinal sin”.


The group will use Marxist analysis to understand the dynamics that exist between the audience and the TV producers in these noon time shows. The paper on Marxism and method talks about the central scientific goals of Marxist analysis. The first of these is to provide a well founded and logically derived description of the central institutional feature of a market based economic system. The second goal is to historicize and to determine how these features came to exist. The last is to determine the social implications of these arrangments.

We like this kind of theoretical framework for its rigid empiricism. Many frameworks start from the universal towards the particular. That is to say they start with an established principle and then go on trying to rationalize the real world to try to fit that picture. In contrast, Marxist analysis begins from the ground up. It first takes a look at what is observable like the relationships of people across the social strata, the relationships of people to capital, or the relationships of people to instiutions which did not exist apriori, but instead have a historical basis to them. After making repeated observations, Marxist analysis will then see if recurring patterns, outcomes, and courses of action exist. Only then will a theory be produced to account for these similarities. The Marxist approach is a scientific one. As Daniel little writes that Marxist analysis explain real world phenomena in terms of underlying causal conditions rather than crude associations among observable variables.

This process of analysis is significant in our research in that it requires us to look at the tangible motivations of those watching these noon time TV shows. It is no mere coincidence or stroke of luck that these shows continue to remain prominent. There are financial incentives that make thousands of people skip their work just to watch them live. There are also practical ways to explain why the poor would rather sing and dance away their problems to the tune of “boom tarat tarat”. Finally, it is an undeniable fact that the elites- namely the business tycoons, the tv executives, the celebrity personalities and everyone else on the upper echelons of the media industry, continue to benefit from a capitalist system that produces massive amounts of inequality. The mode of production, in this instance the noon time tv shows that generate the income, will cease to exist if there were no poor people to delude.

We will also use the Gramscian concept of hegemony to describe the process in which the poor are made to passively accept their positions of status. Hegemony, is the process with which the dominant class projects and reinforces its ideologies through the use of cultural institutions. Chandler states that this represents not only political and economic control, but also the ability of the dominant class to project its own way of seeing the world so that those who are subordinated by it accept it as ‘common sense’ and ‘natural’.

Gramsci would find the institution of the family to be repressive. By belonging into the family unit, we are socialized into aspiring for specific life goals. One of this is to be productive citizens ing specialized skill sets that can be used to earn profit. We see this as obvious. However, the fulfillment of this goal ensures the preservation of our inequitable social structure. The family and educational system ensures that when one profit minded factory owner dies, another one takes its place.



Marxism is defined as the political, economic, and social principles and policies advocated by Marx; especially : a theory and practice of socialism including the labor theory of value, dialectical materialism, the class struggle, and dictatorship of the proletariat until the establishment of a classless society.

A body of doctrine developed by Karl Marx and, to a lesser extent, by Friedrich Engels in the mid-19th century. It originally consisted of three related ideas: a philosophical anthropology, a theory of history, and an economic and political program.

Rational Choice Theory

Rational choice theory is defined as An economic principle that assumes that individuals always make prudent and logical decisions that provide them with the greatest benefit or satisfaction and that are in their highest self-interest.

Noon Time Variety Show

Variety shows are defined as Theatrical entertainment consisting of successive unrelated acts, such as songs, dances, and comedy skits. In the context of this paper they are performed using the medium of the television.


Our study will focus solely on Noon time TV programs in the Philippines. Other countries have their own formats for variety shows. These will not be covered by this paper. Our goal is to understand poverty particularly in the Filipino context. Therefore our analysis will focus more on the cultural nuances of Filipino society reflected in local variety shows. We will also not consider other reality TV shows that do not fall under the category of a variety show. That is, an event consisting of successive acts of singing, dancing and, games.

The reason for this is that differences in show arrangements will make it difficult to conduct a consistent analytical approach for all reality tv across the board. For instance, Marxists themes of class inequality to an extent are less evident in weight lost shows such as the biggest loser than they are in wowowee. The selection of participants for both these shows are also markedly different making it difficult to conduct a unified analysis of the demographics.



Philippine Noon Time Shows Essay

Television and Mass Media Essay

Television and Mass Media Essay.

In today’s world, the mass media including TV, radio and newspaper have great influence in shaping people’s ideas. As such, I totally agree that the mass media have great influence in shaping people’s ideas. From the mass media, people can get the latest news very fast. Firstly, mass media is necessary for everyone in daily life. They will get any information and news from these mass media such as TV. Just by staying at home watching TV, people can know every happening all over the world.

Between, people can learn to cooking, educate children and behave, protect ourselves through the TV’s programs or internet. In additional to this, mass media will also help people find the jobs. Sometimes, the company will do an advertisement through newspapers to invite and hire the people from whole world to join their company. Those people who need the jobs can search from newspapers to find a job that they prefer and more satisfied.

Media can also improve the audience’s mind thinking and ideas.

Such as business programs will teach the business skills to the audience to improve their own skills and get many different ideas from the TV program. Besides, television is a good mass media to help in the relationship with family. After dinner, all family members will sit in front of television, watching and chatting together. In conclusion, after looking the mass media have great influence in shaping people’s ideas, i found many ways to improve my English language and cooking skills. Mass media influence in daily life of society and decision making.

Television and Mass Media Essay

Visual entertainment media Essay

Visual entertainment media Essay.

Visual entertainment media is a part of everyday life, anywhere from cellphones, television, internet, newspaper, etc. All of the forms of visual entertainment media have helped shaped America, also the culture and values that have developed over the years. The most common visual entertainment media form that has shaped, influenced, the culture and values in America is cable television. Cable television covers so many different forms within itself, news channels, religious channels, debate channels, and different types of local television programs.

Each of these channels carries their own message, with entertainment values that are viewed by the person watching the program. Many forms of visual entertainment carry a negative social influence message, self-education is important on these types of visual entertainment in order to determine what best fits your personal situation. If there are, guidelines that are set on, what type of visual entertainment are acceptable, internet access, cell phone access, and television channels.

Than the amount of negative influence, someone may be subjected to can be cut down dramatically, giving the opportunity for positive experiences to be put in its place.

The idea of visual entertainment media is to help spread education, and social entertainment purposes. One way to ensure that this is the experience that is shared is to limit what you make available to your family and how much is acceptable.

I think that it is very easy for adolescent minds to be subjected to influence, both positive and negative depending on what their social surrounding support frequently. If a child is exposed to violent, sexual, or death filled entertainment, it is more likely for them to incorporate these things into their everyday social environment. This affects their social behavior and attitudes to not only peers, but also any given situation.

The influences these entertainment types have can either become a person or just be a part of everyday life. This solely depends on the person that is subjected to the visual entertainment, and how they conceive what is viewed into their everyday life. A minor is not in control of what they watch and cannot be responsible for making educated visual entertainment media choices, that being said they could not be responsible for the influence it has on them either.

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Visual entertainment media Essay

Dr. Gregory House Essay

Dr. Gregory House Essay.

Dr. Gregory House is the main character in the House television series. He is currently working as the Head of Diagnostic Medicine with a double specialty in infectious disease and nephrology at Princeton-Plainsboro Teaching Hospital. He is portrayed as narcissistic, sarcastic, and appears to dislike most people. He prefers superficial relationships with others, sometimes using prostitutes to satisfy his sexual needs. Descriptive Information: Gregory is a 52 year old Caucasian male. He prefers to be called House, as he views being called Greg as too personal.

Dr. House has a permanent disability in his leg.

Dead muscle tissue had to be removed and left a divot in the skin. He is also very sensitive about the appearance of his thigh, being badly scarred from multiple operations. He is very reluctant to talk about this disability and is easily offended if it is brought up. House has been in constant pain since the surgery and has become addicted to painkillers. He does not acknowledge his using as a drug problem; he reports it is a pain problem.

He states that it does not interfere with his ability to work. At the present time he has been to npatient treatment for detoxification, however still struggles with his addiction.

House is above average in his intelligence, having been accepted to John-Hopkins University for his pre-med studies. It is his disregard for ethics and protocol that has caused him problems. He lost an opportunity for an internship at the Mayo Clinic when he was caught cheating and expelled. His inability to work well with others has been a source of employment issues for him in the past. House’s father was a Marine pilot, and he spent most of his childhood moving to different countries.

As a result he isolated, and concentrated on a variety of interests. He is fluent in several languages, and plays the piano and guitar. At the age of 12, discovering the timing of his conception did not correlate with a time his father was around, he confronted his parents on the paternity. It was revealed to him that his mother had an affair with the family minister. House feels this was the turning point in his relationship with his father, John. He feels he was mistreated by John for this reason. John was cold and controlling, showing House limited affection.

House was rebellious and was often punished harshly both physically and emotionally. House and his mother had a loving relationship, however in his desire to avoid his father he does not have her in his life. Presenting Problems: House’s presenting problems at this time are: his addiction to painkillers, his fear of intimacy, and anti-social traits. He also displays a problem with impulse control. Dr. House states his main reason for using Vicodin was for pain management, however he has admitted to recreational drug use in his past. His dependence has caused him professional problems, getting him into trouble on several occasions.

His addiction has also caused him problems with Lisa, the woman he has feelings for. Dr. Lisa Cuddy and House have had an ongoing attraction spanning 25 years. They were beginning to form a relationship when she had a scare with cancer. When House couldn’t face losing her, he turned again to the Vicodin. Lisa ended their relationship when she realized his inability to cope without the use of drugs. Dr. House has been afraid to experience any real closeness to others in his life. He has issues of trust due to his mother’s dishonesty and his father’s distance and hostility towards him.

This is the primary source of his fear of intimacy and cynicism. He hides his fears with a narcissistic attitude, and pushes people away instead of exposing any vulnerability. House can be extremely defensive, and it is likely he uses his personality in a deliberate attempt to alienate anyone who tries to get close to him. He is conflicted when facing his feelings for Lisa, while trying to hold onto his belief he is entirely self-sufficient. House has acted on numerous occasions without regard to his health and safety. He also takes his behaviors to the extreme. When Dr. Cuddy starts dating after their reak-up, he reacts by driving his car through her front window.

He states his reason as simply “returning her hairbrush. ” He uses himself as a test subject for drugs and medical tests, sometimes just to satisfy his curiosity. He has taken experimental drugs in hopes of restoring his leg muscle, which eventually led to tumors. House has also injected himself with questionable blood received by an ill patient to see if a blood transfusion caused their symptoms. Model: I believe that person-centered therapy would be the model best suited for House. I would also incorporate some cognitive-behavioral techniques.

House would not respond well to any theory that is confrontational, he needs to feel in control. I also recognize that although his past plays a big part in why he has relationship issues, he does not seem to want to revisit these occurrences. I believe very little time should be spent on the subject of his parents specifically, with more time spent on how he’s dealing with relationships now. House would be a difficult client to build a therapeutic relationship with; however I do feel it could be done over a period where he felt he was in a safe and non-judgmental environment.

He is intelligent and lives to figure out the “pieces” in difficult medical diagnoses. House may have a little trouble in using this in regards to his own mental health, since he is so enveloped in denial, but he does have the capacity to do so. The person-centered model works on the premises that the client is the expert, and I believe it is one he would respond to best given his personality type. Treatment Goals: House’s primary issue is addiction, and a lack of having a recovery plan. He has been trying to deal with this on his own terms, and has had relapses.

His untreated condition contributes to his anti-social personality, interferes with his relationships, and causes issues at work. I feel his other presenting problems can never be fully addressed until he can gain control over his addictive behaviors. Until he comes to terms with his addiction, he will remain isolated and continue to be self-destructive. Dr. House needs to address his difficulty with any type of relationship. It is apparent at times that he does have the capacity and this facet of him is not part of a personality disorder. He displays a need for people despite his not wanting to.

He shows jealousy when Lisa dates others and does has a close friendship with Dr. James Wilson from the hospital. Dr. Wilson provides House with consultation about cases, and often personal issues. James is one of the few who can away with calling House out on behaviors. They sometimes have real moments on a deeper level, and at times they can let go and share laughs. House has displayed many instances of problematic impulse-control. He has experimented with Methadone, self-induced insulin shock, and tried deep brain stimulation with an electrical prod.

The electrical current caused him seizures, brain leeding, and ultimately led to him being in a coma. He often shows no regard for his well-being. Once in an agitated state, he dove from a balcony into a pool. These behaviors horrify others around him. Techniques: The person-centered therapy is flexible enough to be adapted to most personalities. I feel a technique building a person profile would help House to address his addiction issues and in building a plan. This would begin with listing his attributes and strengths. Learning what is likable and worthy about himself, instead of focusing on negatives, will present to him a view of himself in wish he wants to be seen.

Next he should verbalize what is important to him. Having clear, concrete thinking on what he wants in his life can help when addressing what his drug use will take away from him, and how it is a barrier in achieving his desired outcome. Finally House should look at what has been working and what is not working as support in his life. This includes relationships, both ones that may be unhealthy and those he needs to build. Recovery is greatly impacted by support systems. These can include relationships on a personal level, and outside support groups.

House needs to consider what should be changed, what should stay the same, and what makes sense as far as being realistic. Rational emotive behavioral therapy (REBT) could be beneficial to House in dealing with his fear of intimacy. The basic hypothesis is that people are not disturbed by events, but by the views in which they take on them. Therapy would dispute his irrational beliefs and engage him in activities that can counter them. Showing House the faulty belief system he imposes on everyone he meets, he can begin to work on seeing how his actions are self-sabotaging.

If he can really grasp how his beliefs are blocking him, he can find ways to change and control them. It will help him to communicate more effectively with others. I believe social skill groups could help House with his impulse-control. Group therapies help with accountability of the behavior, and provide for feedback. This therapy is a powerful venue for growth and change. Participants receive tremendous understanding, support, and encouragement from others facing similar issues. House could also gain different perspectives, ideas, and viewpoints on those issues.

I feel a variance outside of one-on-one would be beneficial for House. As narcissistic as he can be, I think too much attention to solely his issues at once would force him to become more defensive and less open to treatment. Assessment: House’s treatment goals will take some time to be actualized. Addiction is rooted not only in behaviors, but also his biology. He will need to have some strong support built in along with coping skills. Given the fact relationships with others need to exist for the support to be effective, these treatment goals are dependent on one another.

His treatment with addiction will not show promise until a minimum of a year without use has been met, and regular involvement in a self-help group has been established. I do not expect House to develop newer relationships at this time; however I will gauge his success in fostering his existing ones. His changes should include learning how to express his feelings maturely, and learning to give of himself without the use of sarcasm to hide when it feels uncomfortable. There is also a strong correlation between addiction and impulse-control, by identifying coping skills for urges, House could utilize some of these with his behaviors.

In addition, low self-esteem can be part of the problem in engaging in such dangerous and high risk activities. House needs to address both his physical condition that causes him embarrassment, and his abandonment issues with his family. I feel as time goes on, and he gives recovery and relationships with others a chance, he will begin to see himself as a person worth caring for. Once he begins to feel that he is valuable and deserving of love from others, he should be able to accept this within himself. It is my hope through those changes his disregard for his safety will dissipate.

Dr. Gregory House Essay

Character Analysis of Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Essay

Character Analysis of Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Essay.

Meredith Grey, M. D. is a fictional character from the medical drama television series Grey’s Anatomy, which airs on the American Broadcasting Company (ABC) in the United States. The character was created by series’ producer Shonda Rhimes, and is portrayed by actress Ellen Pompeo. Meredith is the series’ protagonist, and was introduced as a surgical intern at the fictional Seattle Grace Mercy West Hospital, eventually obtaining the position of resident, and later attending.

As the daughter of world-renowned surgeon Ellis Grey, Meredith struggles with the everyday life of being an attending, maintaining the relationship with her one-night stand and eventual husband Derek Shepherd, her new-found motherhood, and the friendships with her colleagues.

Meredith is the narrator of the show and serves as the focal point for most episodes. Pompeo’s connection with Patrick Dempsey (Derek Shepherd) is acclaimed as a high point of the series. Rhimes has characterized Meredith as not believing in good or bad, but doing what she thinks is right.

Pompeo has been nominated for several awards, winning many of them, for her performance on the show. Grey has been positively received by television critics, with Alessandra Stanley of The New York Times referring to her as “the heroine of Grey’s Anatomy”. News of Pompeo leaving uprose when it was made clear that her contract ended after the eighth season. Speculation occurred again when Rhimes reported that Grey’s Anatomy will be returning for a ninth season. TVLine reported that Ellen Pompeo has signed on for two more years, along with her fellow cast members.

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Character Analysis of Meredith Grey in Grey’s Anatomy Essay

Astro Monopoly Essay

Astro Monopoly Essay.

Watching television has become a basic necessity among the people from all walks of life in today’s affluent society. In globalize era by today, the amount of satellite television provider has increase vigorously in the world. But Astro is still the one and only satellite television provider available in our country, Malaysia. (Wikipedia)The definition of Astro is an acronym for All-Asian Satellite Television and Radio Operator. Astro is Malaysia’s leading integrated cross-media group with operations in 4 key businesses: Pay TV, Radio, Content and Digital.

It also transmits digital satellite television and radio to household in Malaysia and Brunei.

(Astro)They launched in 1996, and today they have 50% penetration of TV homes in Malaysia, making it a key pay TV operator in Southeast Asia. Astro has also appreciated customer input and feedback and they can continuously strive to provide quality service and products to customers. (Astro)The People’s Choice, Astro was also awarded the “Brand of the Year” award at Malaysia’s Putra Brand Awards 2012.

This award is in recognition of Astro’s efforts to exemplify innovation, quality, and strong corporate social responsibilities. Now Astro has nearly increased in a base of 3.1 million. Therefore, it is fairly obvious that viewer in our country has no chance to choose the other satellite television provider.

(Lim)What is the reason that makes Astro able to monopolize Malaysian’s satellite television industry? This is due to the reason that they are the only company that get the permission and license to broadcast by the government of Malaysia. To further illustrate this point, they have the ability to set the price of their service because they are the price maker in the industry. As they are the price maker, sometimes the customers are not satisfied about the high price they set with the limited choice of package to choose from. In some package that subscribers purchased, there are always some channels that they are not interested in but are made to pay for it.

(Times)According to the recent article published in ‘New Straits Times’ in 2011 in George Town, The Consumers Association of Penang has questioned the monopoly enjoyed by Astro and wants the government to explain why the pay television operator had been given an exclusive licence for 20 years. (Times)CAP president S.M. Mohamed Idris said the monopoly enjoyed by Astro had snuffed out the chances of other satellite channel operators from entering the market and providing better service to consumers. He said in other countries, viewers had several operators offering programmes at lower rates than Astro. He also said the combination of channels in the family package offered by Astro was too rigid and few channels were likely to be of interest to any particular demography of society.

He said the government should encourage new pay-TV operators and allow TV accessories to be sold in the free market like in other countries. Meanwhile, in an immediate response, an Astro public relations department spokesperson said the company would refer CAP’s concern to its management for further deliberation. (Lim) (Astro)Another point that related to Astro’s monopoly is the barriers to entry. It is very hard to stop Astro’s monopoly in the satellite television industry. Many new firms fail to enter the industry as the investment is too high for them. The new firm would need to pay for their own satellite which costly for them. Even if there is a firm that has sufficient capital for their investment, they still failed to enter the industry due to the directive of government.

As a conclusion, Astro is still remaining customer’s top choice nowadays. It is because no other satellite television provider can substitute Astro. The people around the country have also accepted Astro as part and parcel in their lives. For my experience with Astro, my family have subscribed to Astro since I am six. Astro brought many advantage that as I can watch many variety of show and it also help to reduce my boredom. But now, we are using Astro B.yond PVR. It is convenient as it is a personal video recorder. We can record the videos that we want to watch while we are away. However, Astro have satisfied customer’s needs and wants to prolong the lifespan of the company. It is very difficult to stop Astro’s monopoly in the satellite television industry as it is the only satellite television in our country and no other firms can substitute it so far.

Astro Monopoly Essay

My Best Friends Secret Essay

My Best Friends Secret Essay.

It was Saturday and all my friends were playing chase in the neighbouring pastures with some other younger kids. As usual, I was stuck in my sizzling bedroom working on my random body part project. I longed to play with my friends in the windy park brimmed with beautiful leaves with shades of yellow, orange and red. I thought about informing my mum to let me have this day off, but I knew mum wouldn’t approve. I sighed at the thought.

I took one last peep at the smiling and giggling friends before spinning around to complete my task. It was time for brunch, were I get to rest at last. My hands were red from all the writing and my nose was blocked. I might be coming down with a cold. I jiggled myself awake before slumping downstairs to the kitchen. It wasn’t a surprise when I saw my best friends and the pesky younger children sitting mutely at the dining table.

I threw myself onto a couch bed and made myself comfortable.

My mum fetched a jug of orange juice, a few cups and a plate of chocolate chip cookies. I gripped one of the filled glasses and two cookies. I settled down for afternoon television, but something was different. Nobody was talking, they were whispering about something. I desperately wanted to hear about the subject, but I didn’t want to be rude, so I turned back to the television show. Something bugged me inside my brain. What are they talking about? Is it about me? I shivered at the rhetorical questions. Now there was a buzzing noise of what I think is girly gossip. I edged closer towards the crowd of girls. I caught a few conversations: “Didn’t you hear? Thomas has a crush on Sohnjah!”

“Don’t be ridiculous! He would never have such a crush on the watching TV girl there!” Both of them giggled. “I bet Sohnjah is gonna be embarrassed! She looks real easy to blush!” “Hate to admit it, but I think she likes him too! What a great couple the make!” “It will be a great wedding, for the two of them!”

I gritted my teeth as they all buzzed on. Even my best friends, Mihindie and Nicky, were in this. So you were the people who spread that secret and you didn’t even tell me! Not going to tell me anything, are you? I flustered while stomping upstairs and into my mum’s room to sob. Dad came up next to me and patted me gently on the back. I cried silently, not letting any of my sniffles or tears come out. I grabbed my frustrated head and tried to calm down. It was difficult, since I never knew what the secret was about, nor when it started.

All that time, when I was at band, Nicky and Mihindie were sharing this pathetic secret? I trotted over into my room and walked to the bedside table. I lifted the photo of me and my best friends at the zoo. I spat at the two heads of my friends with a disgusted look on my face. I fussed about them for an hour with my mum and dad until my mind reminded me of the time when they told me how fussy I am sometimes. I had to admit that they were right. I am fussy and uncontrollable. If they were here, they would never ever play with me. I had to promise never to lose my temper ever again.

My Best Friends Secret Essay

Quality Television Program Essay

Quality Television Program Essay.

As the channels available on America’s cable programs exceed a thousand and as television becomes more readily available through mobile electronic devices, the criteria for what makes for a quality television program has certainly become more intricate and competitive. There are many different genres of television programs that appeal to a certain type of audience. As a huge fan of drama movies and television, I will be evaluating the recently new spin-off television show 90210 which is currently aired on CW.

The American teen drama series revolves around a series of characters attending a fictional high school in Beverly Hills. The program seems to attempt to capture many of the same audiences that enjoy shows such as Gossip Girl and The Vampire Diaries which are also popular TV programs on CW. To evaluate and determine the quality level of 90210 I will be looking at a set of criteria that includes the appeal that the characters bring to the show, how realistic the show is, and a look at the development of plots throughout the last few seasons.

To shed some light on the television program I will introduce some of the main characters that have been present in the four seasons the show has been airing. Lori Loughlin and Rob Hestes play Harry and Debbie Wilson as mother and father of daughter Annie Wilson and adopted son, Dixon Wilson. After a move from Kansas, the family of four enters season one as a new family to Beverly Hills and with Harry as the principal of Annie and Dixon’s new high school. Jessica Stroup plays Erin ‘Silver’ Silver who has a bipolar disorder and tends to hang out with some of the less popular of those at Beverly Hills High.

Annalynne McCord plays the infamous Naomi Clark who is the most popular, gorgeous, untouchable girl available at her school. Then there is Michael Steger who plays Navid Shirazi who in the first season plays as role as Dixon’s quirky sidekick and then slowly falls into a leading role as he gets involved in a relationship with Jessica Lowndes who plays Adrianna Tate-Duncan. And it certainly would not be a teen drama without the good looking guy, Matt Lanter playing Liam Court who soon gets together with Annie Wilson.

As far as criteria is concerned for evaluating the show’s characters I want to look at how engaging the characters are for the audience, how unique and identifiable they are, and what the relationships between the characters are like. After watching all four seasons of the show, they did a great job of picking actors/actresses that fit their different roles. With that said, each of the characters definitely has their own unique characteristics and personalities.

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Writing About Television Essay

Writing About Television Essay.

There is no denying to the fact that television has tremendous positive effects on society, but some experts give us adverse reasons which cannot be overlooked easily. I myself believe that television has had a mostly positive effect. Using reasons and examples below, I am going to discuss the pros to this issue. First, television has a tremendous effect on economics. For instance, when a company uses television to advertise the products can increase the sell. Many of us choose our life products by watching their advertisements on television.

Advocates to this point of view believe this will help the society to get flourished and it pleasures everyone.

Second, television made it much easier to distribute important news. Government makes us aware of many threats, investing opportunities and other countries news each day. Consider a day without television, it is horrible. Some may say we can read the news in the newspapers and magazines, But is not as easy as they think.

Hard copy is going to be abolished, because the raw material for the paper is wood. Are we going to chop down all the trees in order to publish newspapers? Third, television has done a great job about educating children.

This is the most important part of television. All children like to watch cartoons, so television programs can teach many things within these cartoons. If we put the television aside, entertaining gets more expensive than before. For example, we tell our children to watch cartoons in television instead of taking them to amusement parks, zoos and other places. Although some other people may think otherwise, on the basis of what I mentioned above and juxtaposing reasons, I believe television has affected our lives mostly positive. It improved economics, entertainment and news greatly.

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Writing About Television Essay

Should Reality TV Be Banned? Essay

Should Reality TV Be Banned? Essay.

Reality television is a programming genre that presents unscripted or “Humorous” situations, documents actually events and usually features ordinary people instead of real actors. Usually involves love, violence, and money. Examples of these types of shows are, “jersey Shore”, “Toddler’s & Tiara’s”, “bachelor” and “The Real World”. In my opinion I believe such reality shows that promote anorexia, partying, lust for money, violence, should be banned for Television. The reality shows that don’t promote that should stay on television, since they are not a harm to anyone.

I myself do not watch Reality Television, but do enjoy shows like the “Walking Dead”, therefore shows that are scripted. Shows that send an awful message like beauty contests should be banned because it creates an ideal of female beauty that a minority of females can create. It places pressure on women that have to catch up to these beautiful women on television. More the less, these contests encourage models and contestants to look even slimmer than they already are, promoting anorexia and bulimia.

Women are more judged by their physical appearance rather than any other qualities they may possess(ugly women simply aren’t going to win). Doesn’t matter how many Asian women win Miss World, they can only do so if they participate in the swimsuit competition, and that primarily is the whole point of beauty contests, which may be considered inappropriate in other cultures. There has been several protests and demonstrations as well as violence because of cultures having to go through the beauty competitions. An example would be of Miss World by feminist and Hindu nationalists when it was held in Bangalore in 1996. Riots rang out, putting more than 200 people dead and led to the competition being held in London.

Reality Shows that promote drugs and violence, and partying all night long, can impact a child or teens life if they watch that particular show. Shows such as “Jersey Shore” strongly disproves the existence of god, it should be banned and every recording of the show should be stomped on, burnt and the ashes should be put in acid. A experiment was conducted on television that people that watched that show actually got more stupid. We are role models to our younger siblings. If we teens watch the show and we have a little brother or sister, our younger siblings might want to watch it as well since we are watching them. They want to be just like us. An experiment by Francis Galton attempted a twin study where one twin in his teen years was watching reality shows that portrayed violence, and drugs and grew up doing those exact things, while his brother grew up a surgical doctor. These are the types of things we have to be cautious about. Snooki makes about $150 000 an episode. If we stop all reality shows right now we could therefore send all that money to help children in Africa.

So, to wrap this up I do believe reality shows should stay on Television, but the ones that send bad messages, like “Jersey Shore”, “Toddler’s and Tiara’s”, “Beauty Contests”, “Bachelor” and “The Real World” should be banned from television. Children don’t need this and I’m pretty sure people don’t need this. The fact that it is a reality tv show, the people involved in them do not hesitate to do what they want to. Somehow, some their actions go beyond their limits. More often than not, producers make the actors do whatever satisfies the society. This is not a great idea for producers running around shows that may endanger them, the people in the show and also their impact to the society. Instead of fighting and being rude to each other, it would be nice if the characters in these shows could, for example, reflect how ten ordinary people come into a house and work together to make the quality of life better for everyone. They could show the reality of working together to pay the bills and keep food on the table. They could teach how to step in when something bad happens to someone else and help them get back on their feet in one way or another.

Should Reality TV Be Banned? Essay