The Card Game 720p AC3

Title: The Card Game 720p AC3

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  1. Situation- Describe the situation or issue that was the subject of the video

The video is about the introduction of credit card into the market. Initially, the credit card was nobbled idea, but it later turned out to be the biggest fraud in the banking industry. The card issuers could manipulate the interest rate or any other charges behind the consumers’ knowledge. 

  • Ethical moment– What do you think was the ethical moment faced by the main character? According to Robert McKinley, the bank’s role in siphoning extra charges to their customer remains one of the ethical issues that the mainstream financial institution must address. It is wrong to charge the customer more than what they have agreed to and have a binding contract to.
  • Decision/Action taken or avoided: Did the main character act morally, immorally, or morally in responding to the ethical moment? Describe his/her action (or lack of action) and whether you agree with it. The main character acted morally to expose the mismanagement of the credit card among the banking industry. It is wrong to manipulate people and steal their hard-earned saving. Moreover, the narration enlightens customers of the ill that come with owning a credit card. Thus, due to the exposure of the misconduct, the political leaders have laid out a strict regulation that guards consumers.
  • Other Perspectives: Is there a different perspective? How might an opposing viewpoint be justified? The video also has a different perspective on a credit card issue. For example, customers are guaranteed freedom of information on all the products they consume to make an informed decision. However, according to the video, this vital thing is not provided, and the industry does so to swindle money from their customers.
  • Comment: Do you see the relevance to this case study in any aspect of your personal or professional moment? The video is so relevant to me because I have been a victim given that I have a credit card. Therefore, it enlightens me to reconsider the benefit of it vis a vis its detriment to me and the entire economy. 

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