Government Current Event Essay

Government Current Event Essay.

Being one of the future teachers of Texas, it is important for teachers/students as well as parent to understand what their children are learning in school. It is most especially important for the parents to participate with their children at home. But at the same time all states shouldn’t be the same when it comes to a lot of things, one of them being education.

The Common Core Learning Standards/Common Core approach sets ambitious goals for math, reading and writing skills as children move through school.

The Common Core has already been adapted to 45 states; Alaska, Texas, Nebraska, Virginia, and Minnesota are not included. This means that these 45 states are now spending a ton of money on new books, new teachers/staff/principals, and some are implementing intense trainings for current staff. Both teachers and staff are going through the pressure of having to be constantly watched and monitored to make sure they are meeting the scores, otherwise they will get fired.

In chapter 3 of The Struggle for Democracy, federalism is the division and sharing of powers between the federal and state government. The topic of Common Core and how it’s getting implemented to the school is a state government issue. But having put more thought into the issue, this is actually in some way a federal government issue. Yes the state government votes “for the people” on whether certain states should even implement the program, but the federal government is the one that will be funding the actual program. Which is a perfect example of what it talks about in our reading of Chapter 3 in The Struggle for Democracy of how the U.S government is a central government; we share powers between the federal/states government. The Common Core issue must be settled with not only the states government but also the federal government.

This is an important topic because, as a future teacher and a future mother, in some way it relates to all everyone. Our education and how it’s funded is so poor right now because the people just aren’t informed. We must get informed in order to get educated. I do believe in the quote “The children of today are the people of tomorrow.”

Government Current Event Essay

The Melting Pot Essay

The Melting Pot Essay.

The origins of the term comes from the eighteenth and nineteenth century, and used as a metaphor it describes the fusion of different nationalities, ethnicities and cultures. It was used together with concepts of the United States as an ideal republic or new promised land. It was a metaphor for the idealized process of immigration and colonization by which different nationalities, cultures and “races” were to blend into a new, virtuous community.

The exact term “The Melting Pot” came into general usage in 1908, after the premiere of the play “The Melting Pot” by Israel Zangwill.

The melting pot is a theory used to describe the American society in its first years. In the very beginning, the settlers in the “New World” had to create a totally new nation from many different origins and the proximate result of this situation was the birth of the melting pot theory.

The idea behind it is that every immigrant arriving to the coast of the new world has to give up his or her national identity, culture and language in order to be accepted as part of the American society.

The process of cultural assimilation can be seen as some sort of melting process, in which all immigrants from different origins melt together in a bit pot: as they step out of it, their old identity is gone. With the Immigration Act from 1965, large number of Latin-Americans and Asians followed the wave of European immigrants, but they assimilated harder than Europeans did.

Non-white groups especially began to emphasize their culture and heritage, so that the American society could no longer be as an homogeneous structure. By that time, the society of United States was described as a “salad bowl”, the metaphor explaining that the variety of different ethnic groups in the modern American society symbolize the “ingredients” which reserve their own flavor and texture, while contributing to the aggregate “salad”.

As the US populations was always been a mixture of different races and nations, there also have been made many attempts to describe its shape in a single way – using a metaphor. At first, there was the idea of that particular “melting pot” in which immigrants blended their cultural heritage into a new and single identity. In the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, European immigration to the US became increasingly diverse and increased substantially in numbers.

Beginning in the 1890s, large numbers of Southern and Eastern European immigrant groups such as the Italians, Jews, and Poles arrived. Many returned to Europe but those who remained merged into the cultural melting pot, adopting American lifestyles. By contrast, Chinese arrivals met intense hostility and new laws in the 1880s tried to exclude them, but many arrived illegally. Hostility forced them into “Chinatowns” or ethnic enclaves in the larger cities, where they lived a culture apart and seldom assimilated.

The acquisition of Hawaii in 1898, with full citizenship for the residents of all races, greatly increased the Asian American population. Nativists wanted to severely restrict access to the melting pot. They felt that far too many inferior immigrants from Southern and Eastern Europe had already arrived. The compromises that were reached that the number of new arrivals should be small, apart from family reunification, the inflow of new immigrants should match the ethnic profile of the nations as it existed at that time.

National quotas were established that discouraged immigration from Polan, Italy and Russia, and encouraged immigration from Britain, Ireland and Germany. America accepted more immigrants than any other country of the world in the past. Therefore it’s called “a nation of immigrants” which assimilated 50 million people during more than three centuries. So, the current population in America is made up of immigrants or their descendants from nearly every country in the world.

The Melting Pot Essay

Timothy Treadwell Behavior Essay

Timothy Treadwell Behavior Essay.

There’s a lot of awareness toward animal rights and animal cruelty in the United States, there are plenty of animal rights organizations that help us the public learn about what happens to animals when we don’t know or see. But some activist make the safety of animals their priority in life, even to the point to put them in danger to do what they think is correct. Timothy Treadwell, also known as Grizzly Man, did just that. Being a hardcore activist living with grizzlies in order to protect them from what he called “the evils of men”.

According to Anthrozoologist like Hal Herzog, the author of “Some We Love, Some We Hate, Some We Eat”, Timothy Treadwell’s behavior can be explained by his past life struggles, his over love for bears, and his eagerness to take action. How does someone go from being an actor to a bear enthusiast? Treadwell’s occupation is stated as being an actor because that’s what he studied for, but it was something that he didn’t get lucky in and therefor became a frustrated actor.

The truth about Treadwell is that before you found his “calling” he was a very lost and unhappy person, in some of his footage saying “Nobody friggin’ knew that there are times when my life has been on the precipice of death”. Treadwell after becoming alcoholic survived a near-fatal heroin overdose making him realize that he had to do something in his life that was meaningful and that’s where the grizzlies changed his life.

Hal Herzog says “animal activism can give meaning and purpose to a person’s life” (Herzog 242), after hiding bottom Treadwell needed to figure out what else he had to do where he wouldn’t be judged, rejected, and ashamed by anyone. When Treadwell met his first bear, he found his calling, he found his meaning in life, he now knew what his purpose was and that was to live among the brown bears. Because of his past situations and disappointments, being alone in the wild with creatures that wouldn’t mind having him around and where curious about him made him feel safe.

In the film Treadwell shares how he can’t wait to return to Alaska when he leaves, he enjoyed being out there because that was his safe zone in life away from all ‘evil’. That safe zone with the bears kept Treadwell at piece and gave him an identity, Hal Herzog giving an example of activist that are lost in the world and once they find something worth fighting for they find themselves and gain an identity. Treadwell’s identity was Grizzly Man, his identity gave him power and strength that helped him throughout the ears with living with bears for 13 summers. There’s a saying that states “love kills” and you could say that about Timothy Treadwell’s death, being attacked and eaten by the very animal that he love the most makes you wonder why anyone could pass logic and follow their heart. Throughout Werner Herzog’s film Treadwell shouts, cries, and expresses how much he loves grizzly bears, “I will die for these animals! I will die for these animals!

I will die for these animals! ” he said. Hal Herzog explains in a chapter that sometimes instead of following our heads we believe we should follow our hearts because that will lead us to happiness, “Our hearts are even more prone to error than our heads”(Herzog 260). Treadwell’s heart was bears and helping the bears, but because of the obsessive love he had turned into the willingness to go against his logic of living with wild animals.

He believed that bears were his friends; he told them he loved them and even petted them, Treadwell didn’t care about anything else besides his friends in the wild whom he loved and was willing to die for them and did die because of one. His powering love that he had for these animals, the living things that had saved his life and brought so much happiness, was a reason why he decided to leave humans and life in solitude with bears. “I am the Lord’s humble servant. I am Allah’s disciple… there has been an absolute miracle.

It has rained 1. 65 inches of rain today” Treadwell said after a long drought affecting the animals. Treadwell’s love drove him to take action but his eagerness to go every summer and spend months alone, his ambition, desire, and anxiousness to be with bears was from his passion to return the favor. “The moral commitment of activists shows up in many different ways… Sometimes the burden just gets too heavy” (Herzog 245), Treadwell felt like he owned his life to the bears that he had a commitment to them and was never to break it.

After saving his internal and physical self he needed to protect them and he did as much as he could, he looked after the animals as if they were his family and when it got hard he just took it out on himself and never on the animals because Treadwell believed humans were the problem not the bears. Treadwell wanted to accomplish what no other person could do and that was to live within wild animals that had the strength to kill anyone, and his ambition drove him to take action, his love and commitment to the grizzly bears.

Timothy Treadwell’s death was horrific and not shocking at all because most people did except that to happen, if you asked anyone what they thought of Treadwell decision to live with grizzlies they’d probably say he was crazy. But the truth is that he was crazy but crazy in love, in love with the animals that had given him a purpose in life and had saved him from his past. Timothy Treadwell didn’t want harm for anyone or for anything, he just wanted to express his gratitude and love to the animals that had changed his life forever.

Timothy Treadwell Behavior Essay

Controversy on Native American Mascots Essay

Controversy on Native American Mascots Essay.

Bigotry and mockery are two concepts that the United States has fought with since its creation, and it seemed that it was disappearing, but it hasn’t. Many schools, of all levels, are using a Native American mascot to represent their sporting teams and this has brought much controversy over the truth behind these mascots. This idea is the mocking a heritage for money and amusement of others. It does not, in any way, represent the truth behind Native American modern life.

Lastly, if a mascot was used to represent another race, it would be deemed insulting and would immediately be removed.

Using Native Americans as mascots is a cruel form of mockery and racism, and must be put to an end. A mascot is used to make money and to attract and amuse crowds. For many sports teams, mascots are animals such as bears or tigers. By using a Native American as a mascot, you are labeling them as lesser than the spectators of the sport.

A Native American is a person, not an animal that one can use and sell for their own benefits. A student should not feel that their own school is mocking their family and their heritage for entertainment purposes.

One student of a North Carolina high school had even said, “How long would you want to stay in a place where you’re being mocked and laughed at? ” By mocking this heritage, they are not only offending people, but losing money in the process of trying to make it because many students prefer to not go to a school where they feel they are being made fun of. The use of a Native American as a mascot is offensive and must immediately be put to a stop. The idea of a Native American used to entertain people or represent sports teams is not at all what a real person of this heritage is.

When the term “Indian” is used, many think of someone wearing face paint and a feathered headdress, the exact icon for the Cleveland Indians baseball team. However, the modern Native American is never dressed in anything like this. This mascot provides a false image to the rest of the world about a real culture. A representative had said that Florida State University’s mascot is “eye-catching but not historically accurate”. These images send out a negative reputation for Native Americans, and even make them seem like war-loving savages.

The modern life Native Americans near the university are running a casino, not wreaking havoc on other tribes. This mascot sends a false and negative reputation about the true Indian culture that must be stopped. Racism has, over the years, become a rather sensitive topic in the United States. After years upon years of slavery, many are quick to assume that any comment towards an African American is based upon racism. However, no one jumps to conclusions when hundreds of schools using a heritage to amuse people and make money. According to N. C. A. A. resident Myles Brand, “At times, Indians are reduced to caricature. ”

If any school had dared to use an African American as their sports team mascot, it would bring massive controversy. To prove this, a group of students at the University of Northern Colorado nicknamed their team the “Fightin’ Whites”. This was quickly deemed extremely inappropriate, just as the use of any race in a nickname should. If one is against racism, they must be against it in all types, regardless of if it’s about African Americans or Native Americans, and the use of a mascot in this way is incredibly racist.

As Brand had said, “If we don’t stick to our values, we lose our integrity. ” The use of a Native American mascot is incredibly disrespectful to the true culture of these people. It does not show the real culture, it uses something sacred to make money, and it even promotes racism. By the school’s use of this mascot, we are allowing the bigotry and racism to spread throughout the world. This concept must be put to a stop immediately and must start with our region removing the high school’s mascot.

Controversy on Native American Mascots Essay

Military Spending in the US Essay

Military Spending in the US Essay.

The majority of college students in the US today, do not know what it is like to live in a nation that is not at war, and this is no different for myself. One of my own memories in elementary school was the attack on the world trade center on 9/11. I am sure that I share that memory with many others. Throughout our lives, we have known our country to be one that is constantly fighting with another. As I grow older, I realize how surrounded we are by issues concerning our military presence in other countries.

I also begin to feel the consequences of our actions as a country.

Much of our politicians’ time and effort is put into figuring out how to “bring our troops home” or how to “support our troops” while still keeping taxes down. In the end it is the American public who are funding our war with our taxes as well as paying the consequences with things such as raised oil prices.

For my research paper I am going to discuss American military economics; it’s effects on the American public, and our current presidential candidates’ stances on military spending. The military budget is a portion of the United States’ federal budget.

It is used to pay the salaries, training, and health care of military personnel. It is also used to maintain arms, equipment, facilities, funds operations, and develops and buys new weapons. According to the Department of Defense Budget for the 2010 fiscal year, the president’s base budget for spending on overseas operations was $663. 4 billion. The 2009 U. S. military budget accounts for approximately 40% of the total global arms spending. The US’s 2012 budget is 6 to 7 times larger than the $106 billion of the military budget of China.

It is greater than the next twenty largest military spenders combined. Congressman Barney Frank of Massachusetts claims “if we do not make reductions approximating 25 percent of the military budget starting fairly soon, it will be impossible to continue to fund an adequate level of domestic activity”. Some argue that now is not the time to cut military spending. Republican historian Robert Kagan argues, “A reduction in defense spending this year would unnerve American allies and would be taken by the world as evidence that an American retreat has begun. The increased military spending since 9/11 has stimulated the US economy to a degree. However the jobs and income that it has created is offset by the massive increase in debt created. According to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation, the defense budget has increased from $432 billion in 2001 to $720 billion in 2011, an increase of around 67 percent. Increased military spending has been funded almost entirely by borrowing. There are many reasons why the debt has grown so much since 2001.

These reasons include tax cuts, increases in other government spending, and the largest postwar recession the US has experienced. However, military operations in Iraq and Afghanistan have raised annual deficits by about 1 percent of GDP, a trend that is expected to continue through 2020. Since we decided to borrow money instead of increasing taxes or cutting other spending, if war spending continues as forecasted, the country can expect to have paid about $1 trillion in interest by 2020.

If the investments in the military over the last decade had been made in U. S. education, it would represent an 18. 5 percent boost in terms of capital improvements nationwide. This would finance the investments in public school facilities required to return the country’s schools to good condition. Traditionally the Republican Party has been the more inclined towards increased national security and previous presidential candidate Mitt Romney described Obama’s plan as a “hollowing out” of the military. 2012 running mates Ryan and Romney make the point that it is Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security that are the majority of the deficit.

Though they are right, the American public still wants to cut spending even more than the $487 billion already cut by the Obama administration. Romney and Ryan had a plan to go in the exact opposite direction if they had won the election. They planned to boost defense spending by $100 billion, or nearly 20% in 2013. The Republican Party, otherwise known as the grand old party or GOP, traditionally follows Ronald Reagan’s stance on national defense. That stance is represented by the motto of peace through strength.

Today, that means protecting America’s homeland by confronting terrorism and maintaining a defense against arising threats of nuclear power. The Republican Party is fully committed to America’s Armed Forces to make sure that they are prepared for any challenges they may need to face. While the United States is involved in various international organizations, which serve the cause of peace and posterity, the Republican Party argues that these organizations must never substitute for principled American leadership to protect our vital national interests.

All of the information I gathered about the GOP’s stance on national defense was pulled directly from their official website, www. GOP. com. Current president Barack Obama has sought to end the war in Iraq and accelerate the transition in Afghanistan in part to lower defense costs. He has proposed a number of defense cuts over the next decade. Rather than following the words of a president who was in office over 20 years ago and during the cold war, the Democratic Party feels that as our threats have evolved over the years, so too should our ability to respond to them.

President Obama has made significant steps to restore America’s image around the world by rebuilding strategic alliances with countries that share our values and face common threats. As far as the situation overseas, the President plans to bring home 10,000 troops by the end of this year, 33,000 by next summer, and complete the transition by 2014. Just as I did for the Republican Party, I got all of this information directly from the official website, www. democrats. org.

What originally inspired my interest in this subject is when I began to notice issues such as how much our educational system is suffering across the nation. Also, with a little bit of research, I learned that the NASA budget has been cut about a billion dollars in the last three years. Yet, at the same time, the military budget is increase by about the same amount as the entire NASA budget. Maybe it’s just my nature, but I feel that it is a huge waste of time and assets to be spending most of our money fighting other countries, when we could be exploring and making discoveries for the betterment of mankind.

As I mentioned earlier, the US has funded all of our wars solely on borrowing, and we have racked up quite a large amount of interest in doing so. On the other hand, a paper written by Douglas A. Camstock, Director of Innovative Partnerships Office, NASA Headquarters, and Daniel P. Lockney of Innovative Partnerships Office, NASA Headquarters, the return rate for NASA research can be as high as 32 times the initial investment. At the very lowest, they estimate that for every dollar invested in NASA, there is a return of at least seven dollars as a result of technological advances.

Not only is the lack of support for research a shame for the curious minded, but it is bad fiscal planning as well. Single bombs can cost the military about one million dollars each. Here in the state of California, an average teacher’s salary is about $40,000 a year; this is one of the states with the highest averages. For the price of one bomb or missile, twenty-five teachers can be paid to work for a full year. It doesn’t take a professional economist to tell you that investing in education is well worth it.

Educated adults grow up to become working, contributing members of society. Politicians seem to always be looking for ways to create jobs. What better way than for an educated individual to go out and become an entrepreneur, start a business, and hire people to work for them? A study from the University of Massachusetts in 2011 says that for every billion spent in education, about 26,700 jobs are created. Among the different departments that were researched were health care, clean energy, tax cuts, and of course education and defense.

Of those five, the military had the least amount of jobs created per billion spent at 11,200 jobs. Once again, it doesn’t take an economist to recognize a poor investment. Over the course of my research paper, I learned about the details of our defense budget and military spending trends in the US as well as our overall deficit. I also found the effects that war has had on the American Public as well as on our economy. During the election I paid close attention to our current presidential candidates and their plans for our defense budget.

Only the future will tell if these trends continue or whether our president will take action against our deficit and the fate of national security. I was also able to look into what sparked my interest on the topic in the first place. I got to compare our spending on the military with other departments like education and NASA research. With the President’s plan to begin our transition out of the Middle East in these upcoming years, we will see if we begin a shift to a more progressive, intellectually motivated America. As a member of our educational system as well as a proud American, I sure hope we do.

Military Spending in the US Essay

American Dream or American Nightmare Essay

American Dream or American Nightmare Essay.

Be The American Dream is something that can be easily defined for some people, and for others it can be very difficult to put into words. The American Dream is a combination of a few things. I firmly believe that Americans should have equal access to this ideal of an American Dream in order for it not to be considered just mere notion. My idea of the American Dream is also built on freedom. Our fore fathers who built this great nation were on the right track when they wrote our nations Constitution and amendments.

To motivate the people the men who fathered these documents wrote grand statements that promised all men life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, the right to bear arms, and my favorite statement is that all men are created equal. With these ideal in mind our great nation was forged. Look just a little bit closer at the Constitution and amendments and discover that the Constitution and amendments that this country was built upon was produced and approved by a panel of all White men.

At the time there was not one person of color nor a woman’s signature of approval or voice involved in its creation.

In other words it was not written to protect women or people of color. In those days women had no voice and African American slaves were considered to be property and only partial human. Therefore, was the American Dream ever meant to be used by me? My American Dream can be best summed up by Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. in his I Have a Dream Speech, King (1963) stated: In a sense we have come to our Nation’s Capital to cash a check. When the architects of our great republic wrote the magnificent words of the Constitution and the Declaration of Independence, they were signing a promissory note to which every American was to fall heir.

This note was a promise that all men, yes, black men as well as white men, would be guaranteed to the inalienable rights of life liberty and the pursuit of happiness. (King, 1963) Racism still exists today in our great nation. The American Dream is centered on the foundation of equality, without equality the American Dream quickly turns to an American Nightmare giving hopelessness to unfortunate people born the wrong color. Imagine going to a good college where you excelled in academics and graduated at the top of your class only to be passed over for a job that you applied for.

To add insult to injury the Caucasian that got the job instead of you had no college education at all nor was he more qualified than you. That is the world that we live in where it is not what you know but what color you are. My experience pursuing the American dream has been quite an amazing journey. As a child my mother promoted how important it is for my siblings and me to become doctors and lawyers. I often wondered why she insisted that her children pursue such demanding and powerful careers. I no longer wonder why she did so my mother simply wanted her kids to be doctors and lawyers because we could be.

In my mother’s time there was this little word called segregation that made equality almost impossible. My mother grew up in Alabama in the 1950s where separate but equal was the norm. Separate but equal was far from equal, my mother had no choice but to attend the poorest schools for the absolute cheapest education that was available. Since my mother was at a great disadvantage during her pursuit of the American dream she figured we had a better chance of being successful in equaling the playing field by becoming doctors or lawyers. Sadie Woodfin’s American dream was for my siblings and me to have an equal chance in America.

She was not insisting that we all become doctors and lawyers or she was not going to be proud of us. She wanted us to realize that we could shoot for the stars, to take full advantage of the freedom that was not allotted to her generation. Since my mother had no formal education or degrees she, was forced to work in industrial steel mills where she developed black lung. Her American dream was believed to be all but lost until it was reborn in us. My vision of the American dream consists of not only equal opportunities in education but also income equality.

Even in 2013 women of all color African Americans and Latin Americans are paid significantly less for the same job as their White male counterparts. According to, the National Partnership for Women and Families full-time working women alone are paid an average of 10,622 less than men. With their income inequality gaps in excess of over 10,000 just for a difference in gender. Kind of makes the American dream seem like an American nightmare. This practice in America of unequally compensating anyone solely based on their age, race, religion or sex is not only wrong it is total unfair practice.

Is the American dream more so suited for a man than a woman? Does the American dream favor a white man over a black man? If income inequality affects one of us it should affect all of us. I am almost certain that no one wants to go to the same schools, go through the same struggles, make the same sacrifices and ultimately have the same qualifications only to be paid far less. This ideal is not even remotely appealing to the lowest of idiots. Statistically speaking being a minority or a woman the odds are already stacked against you in the pursuit of the American dream and income equality.

The American dream is still alive and well in this country today. It just needs to be tweaked a little. For starters women should be equally compensated as men for the same job. Second, Latin Americans and African Americans must have access to the same schools, neighborhoods, and programs that their Caucasian peers have access to. If collectively we as a society want this American dream to be fair and applied to all Americans we have to even the playing field. Our very own government even recognizes that there is a problem so they had to implement strategies and programs geared toward equality, such as affirmative action.

If the American dream was already achievable for all citizens we would have no need for such programs. If we take time to analyze the American dream and ask simple questions such as, when and who set the original guidelines for the American dream it would not surprise you regarding why things are the way they are. The American dream was born from this nation fore fathers who were successful, powerful and influential white men. At the time the Constitution was written there were no women, African Americans, or Latin American signatures nowhere to be found on any documents or amendments pertaining to the direction our great country were headed.

I think it is safe to say that our voices and opinions were not heard when this nation was being forged. Neither women nor African Americans were allowed to vote while the foundational stones of the American dream were being laid in place. Latin Americans were not even considered during this pivotal time the dream was being processed. Women, African Americans and Latin Americans were not considered at all we merely adopted the idea of this American dream in hopes that we could someday partake in the notion that all men are really created equal.

The fact still remains we are not all created equal, some of us are born women, black or brown. Because of our unfortunate birth your color or sex may make achieving the American dream not impossible in 2013 it just makes it a little more difficult. As a child my version of the American dream was not my own it was my mother’s vision to be equal to all my peers. As a father my American dream is just as my mother’s, I want my three daughters to attend the best schools in hopes that they will pursue careers that they will not only enjoy but also be treated, respected and compensated the same as any American citizen should expect.

If we as a country openly advertise that we adopt all religions sexes, and races as equals under the veil of the United States and its Constitution then all of us must have an equal opportunity at the pursuit of the American dream. Until barriers such as color, sex, and religious preference are broken women, Blacks and Browns still have an unfair disadvantage in obtaining the so called American dream.

American Dream or American Nightmare Essay

DBQ: The Enlightenment Essay

DBQ: The Enlightenment Essay.

The Enlightenment known by many as the Age of Reason was a turning point in history. Man people believe that without the Enlightenment, many of the laws, and rules would exist. For example the United States Declaration of Independence and the Constitution were greatly influenced by the Enlightenment. For example, John Locke, an Enlightenment thinker highly influenced the Declaration of Independence by stating that the natural rights of people include life, liberty and property except the founding fathers changed it by stating life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The American Revolution itself has been called the embodiment of Enlightenment ideas. If the founding fathers were not influenced by some of these ideas, maybe the United Sates would not be a democracy; it could have been an absolute monarchy, aristocracy, etc. Some of our human rights would not exist if it were for the Enlightenment. Philosophers such as Montesquieu, Rousseau, Locke, and others lead to many great changes. These ideas were used by some to challenge absolute monarchies.

An absolute monarchy is a government ruled by one ruler. These ideas also impacted both government and society. Some of the ideas of the Enlightenment were used to challenge absolute monarchy. One example is given in Document # 1, Montesquieu who was a French philosopher during the Enlightenment, states, “There can be no liberty with the executive, legislative, and judicial powers are united in one person or body it a persons, because such concentration is bound to result in arbitrary despotism.

In this statement, Montesquieu is stating that liberty cannot exist where three powers of government are held by one person or body of persons. This is because then the people would not have rights for themselves. The idea was used to challenge an absolute monarchy the people thought that it was unfair that one person was ruling the state where as they wanted that people have a say in the government and everyone should have equal rights. Another idea used to challenge an absolute monarchy was in Document # 2.

Voltaire, who was a French author and philosopher, states “…I may disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it… The best government seems to be that in which all ranks of men are equally protected by the laws…” This statement challenged absolute monarchies because Voltaire believed that freedom of speech should be a right for each person. He believed that people should be able to express their thoughts and feelings. Freedom of speech is a very important right today, and it is used every day by people who express their thoughts.

Also in Document # 3 Jean-Jacques Rousseau, who was a French philosopher states “Man is born free; and everywhere he is in chains. ” Rousseau is saying that despite the fact that man is born free, he is still tortures, still abused and has all of those free liberties taken away from him. For example, even though people in France prior to the revolution were all human, only the third estate had to pay taxes. The Enlightenment also had a large impact on both government and society.

For example in Document # 5 English philosopher Locke states “Man being… by nature all free, equal, and independent no one can be… subjected to the political power of another without his own consent… To protect natural rights governments are established… Since man hope to preserve their property by establishing a government, they will not want the government to destroy the objectives. When legislators try to destroy or take away the property of people, or try to reduce them to slavery, they put themselves in to a state of war with the people who can refuse to obey the laws.

This idea had a large impact on both government and society because told society that if they wanted to keep their property, they would have to establish a government that protects natural rights. This impacted the society because many people wanted natural rights and this statement influenced the society to establish a new type of government. It impacted the government because this statement told the government that if the people wanted to keep their property and other rights they would have to establish a new government meaning that the current government would have to change, so the government would be concerned.

Another example of an impact on both government and society is shown in Document # 6, an excerpt from the Declaration of Independence. It states, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness. –That to secure these rights, Governments are instituted among

Men, deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed, –That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness. ” This excerpt impacts government because it states that certain rights is unalienable, meaning that they cannot be taken away from you; these include life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

The impact of the Enlightenment had an effect on government because before the Enlightenment governments of Europe were primarily Divine Right Monarchies, meaning a King ruled, who was selected by God. Prior to the Enlightenment people believed that if you disobeyed the King, you disobeyed God. There was no difference between the State and the Church because each State had its own religion. No one had rights; there were no checks and balances or separation of powers because only one person was in control. The upper classes had the rights causing the lower classes to be angry.

The impact the Enlightenment had on society was that it gave people curiosity to why they don’t have natural rights. The ideas of the Enlightenment led to the society of France to rebel and that led to the French Revolution, therefore the ideas of the Enlightenment led people to realize that they are not being given rights that they are entitled to. As you can see the Enlightenment I considered a turning point in world history, changing man’s view of government and society. Examples of these ideas are shown in documents 1-6.

Many of the ideas created by the philosophers during the Enlightenment led to many revolutions and greatly influenced many countries including the United States of America. Also these ideas led people to question and rebel for rights that they are entitled to. Some of these include freedom of speech, and equality. If the ideas of the Enlightenment were not important, many countries including the United States could have been an absolute monarchy, aristocracy, or another type of government where all citizens are not equal.

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Sex Trafficking in the United States Essay

Sex Trafficking in the United States Essay.

A young girl from Tijuana was only 13 years when she was sold to a man from the United States. already having a child, she was sold under the agreement that he would help her support her child whom was diagnosed with leukemia. Little did she know, the cruel man took her baby away and used it against her. She was not aware that her baby was not getting the care that was promised, unfortunately, the child later died due to the lack of nutrition and medical care that he needed.

Not only was she not able to see her child before of after he died, she is and will be imprisoned as a sex slave for as long as she lives.(“homebrewedchristianity”)

Sex trafficking is an inhumane business with no benefits other than hurting and even killing victims. It is a modern day form of slavery in which commercial sex is induced by force, fraud, physical violence. Traffickers often transport victims from their homes to unfamiliar destinations leaving the victims vulnerable and alone.

Victims are forced to go through physical violence and are mentally abused with the use of psychological threats to engage in commercial sex act. If we want to end sex trafficking, we must start with ourselves. I truly believe that we must put an end to this cruel and disgusting industry. To ultimately put and end to sex trafficking, we must address the issue and educate the dangers of sex trafficking, properly train law enforcement and to create crisis centers for trafficked victims to potentially exploit these traffickers of their cruel act. Although it is a global and complex problem, I believe that by acquiring knowledge of this situation will help bring an end to this inhumane travesty.

Like trafficking drugs and firearms, it is a very large and a highly driven criminal industry going on in the world today. Although there are different types of trafficking, they all share one common objective which is supply and demand. Human trafficking is fueled by fraudulent of empty promises that only leads to cheap labor and commercial sex. In a sex trafficking fact sheet, it states that there is an estimate of 1.2 million children are trafficked each year (UN.GIFT). This is a very scary estimate for it being just children, but what is more sad than that estimate is that in 2006, there were only 5,808 prosecutions and as little as 3,160 convictions throughout the world. With that being said, for every 800 people trafficked, only one person is convicted (Trafficking in Persons Report). By obtaining knowledge and sharing viable information about the dangers of sex trafficking will help bring awareness to our society and will help cease this awful industry.

In most situations with law enforcement officers are not properly trained to deal with sex traffickers or victims. In order for us to control and potentially put an end to sex trafficking law enforcement personnel must be able to see the signs of trafficking and be trained to take on trafficking situations that may occur. In a Tennessee Bureau of Investigation case study, worked with the Vanderbilt Center for Community Studies conducted a large study with law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, state and federal prosecutors. The study shows that 79% of the people surveyed say that they are not adequately trained to handle sex trafficking cases. (“TBI Releases First Ever Study”). There is a need for training people who are in law enforcement, people who work in courts, and who work as social workers. When they are put in a position with trafficked victim, with proper training, workers are able to handle various types of sex trafficking situations and essentially seek out help for those victims.

There is a physical and psychological cost that these trafficked victims must pay. Women who have been physically and psychologically abused will experience a feeling of shame and depression that will lead to post-traumatic stress disorder. These victims will normally stray away and hide from the public view because although they are victims of this cruel slavery, they are often treated as criminals by authorities rather as victims. Real criminals live in the shadows. there is an illicit network of traffickers, pimps, recruiters, brothel owners, and johns prey on vulnerable children because traffickers prefer children who look more youthful and with also a longer shelf life. These adolescents are frown upon by law enforcement and people because they only see what these children off as prostitutes, they are un aware that these children are being forced to sell themselves. A child would not volunteer to have sex with ten (or more) grown men penetrating their bodies every evening (“Not For Sale Campaign”).

The U.S. is one of the world’s largest “consumers” of the modern day slave trade. There is a need for programs and help centers to be made for trafficked victims when they are released from a prostitution ring. With programs made for trafficked victims, they are able to start new lives by attending these centers and programs to begin to physically and psychologically heal. Florida has become a pioneer in the battle against the issue of human trafficking, Governor Rick Scott signed House Bill 99, The Safe Harbor Act helps provide services to help victims who have been sexually abused and exploited. The Safe Harbor Act allows children who are rescued from prostitution rings to get help through dependency systems instead of being placed in juvenile delinquency(“New Laws Help Fight Human Trafficking”).

Targeted News Service also says that, “These children are under physical and psychological control of their trafficker. Existing foster homes and foster parents may not be appropriate for their needs. The Safe Harbor Act will allow our community-based care partners to provide these children with specific services that will help them cope with the trauma they have endured”(“New Laws Help Fight Human Trafficking”). Governor Scott also signed House Bill 7049, which gives prosecutors the ability to have a better chance of a fight at this crime by imposing tougher penalties. Being in a prostitution ring may be the only thing these adolescents know, their pimps or traffickers have put these children under physical and psychological pain. Not only are they vulnerable, these victims have been away for so long families are so hard to get in contact with. It is our job to help these victims and encourage other states to take action on this cruel act and pass laws such as this one to give victims a safe place to turn to as well as help give them a promising future.

Although each of the three proposals are logical and could possibly re-abolish slavery, two of the proposals might not be the way to go. Training law enforcement officers, prosecutors, and social workers, as well as opening help centers might not be the most cost effective. I truly believe that advocating and bringing awareness to the public to potentially cease sex trafficking. There are many web organizations such as, , and, help provide information about sex trafficking, true stories about trafficked victims, and global statistics. By having organizations such as these sites help provide information about the cruelty of sex trafficking and way to make an effort to help abolish the trafficking industry.

Unfortunately, there is no simple solution to put an end to sex trafficking. In order for us to cease this horrid industry, we must start from within. For these helpless victims be put through a horrible travesty is hell on earth for these innocent people. We sometimes do not think about what we way when we joke about rape, or make fun of “sluts” or “prostitutes” we contribute to an industry that hurt innocent people. That is why is it so important to be aware that there are millions of people who are in need to seek help and to be rescued. We must come together as a society to bring this cruel act into the forefront of the media to expose traffickers and pimps to bring justice for trafficked victims and to essentially put an end to sex trafficking.

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Sex Trafficking in the United States Essay

Narrative and United States Respond Essay

Narrative and United States Respond Essay.

Directions: Imagine yourself as one of the children in the liberation photograph. Complete the three paragraphs as a first-person narrative from his or her point of view.

Paragraph 1: Why were you persecuted? Paragraph 2: Where did you go? Describe your experience at the camp. What happened to your family? How did the United States respond to your experience? Paragraph 3: What will your future bring? Predict what you think will happen to you now that you have been liberated. How has the world changed since your imprisonment? How have you changed? In your narrative, be sure to:

recount historical facts accurately use course terms when appropriate cite any outside sources

The Nazi’s came into power, and that’s when everything changed.

Famailies were broken,homes were destroyed,and businesses were ruined. We were the targets for this burtla attack. The Jews. My name is Lauren and my family and I have been taken to a camp.

We are in Amersfoort in the Netherlands.

This camp is a transit and prison camp. I have been hearing it is less harsh then the other camps, such as extermination camps. We have been here since June 23, 1944. It is small, yet it contains about 35,000 prisoners. The Dutch Jews that resign here right now are slowly being sent away. My dad won’t tell me where, but I know it’s to extermination camps. It is very warm here, which makes sleep uncomfortable at night…not that we get much of it anyways. I am thankful I am still with my parents though, it is just us. The food here isn’t good either. Don’t supply enough. I can feel myself getting weak and it has only been one day…how much longer can I last? The Dutch Red Cross and Canadian Army is supposed to be sent here sometime soon. Oh, I hope it is soon. This is horrible. April,1945:

The point of light has come. The Canadian Army has taken seige and is setting us free! Oh I am so thankful. Now that the war is ending, my family and I can only hope for more good to come. The future will be difficult, for I know it’ll be hard to get over the trauma and pain we have all experienced. Those who have survived will be forever scarred. The world is different now. Everything seems black and grey. Everyone is sad and gloom, yet they should be. Many people have been hurt and killed nd seperated. Not only the Jews, but the countries involved are hurting. I am a stronger person now. I hope to shine my strength upon others around me. I know that when I grow up I will make a difference in these people’s life and show them to not hold a grudge, though it may be hard, but to forgive so that they may life eternally forever.

Narrative and United States Respond Essay

Race, Class, and Gender in the United States Essay

Race, Class, and Gender in the United States Essay.

Rothenberg paints an oppressive picture for women, the financially oppressed and minority members of society. The author presents compelling essays of race, gender and class which examine the social construct of each issue. Race has been defined as the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race. This has produced the view that Euro-Americans’ social, cultural, and economic advantaged position must be maintained at the expense of others as the normal life.

The influential power of race, gender and class are explained and illustrated through the collection of essays. The dynamics of power are divided based on different social classifications. Concrete Responses The essays included present a compelling but biased study within the context of class, race and gender. History shows racism has been clearly practiced in the past; however much has been done to correct the unbridgeable and immutable differences in race, gender and class status in the United States.

Rothenberg emphasizes, in the collection of essays, past views of Euro-Americans’ superiority in intelligence and abilities over darker skinned races. Throughout the history of the United States, discrimination against race and gender has been documented thus creating various classes according to race and gender. Racism has been defined as “a belief that race is the primary determinant of human traits and capacities and that racial differences produce an inherent superiority of a particular race” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2010).

While discrimination is described as being “the process by which two stimuli differing in some aspect are responded to differently” (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2010). Discrimination encompasses a much larger circumference than racism. People v. Hall, 1854, Dred Scott v. Sandford, 1857, and Bradwell v. Illinois, 1873 created a class difference in the ruling of each case between Euro-American males, Indians, Negroes, Chinese and women (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 495).

Skin color differences have been thought to explain intellectual, physical and artistic differences, thus justifying varying treatment between racially different individuals (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 17). A person of property was considered of superior intelligence and character (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 8). The claim that race is a social construction takes issue with the once popular belief that people were born into different races with innate, biologically based differences in intellect, temperament, and character (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 10).

Michael Omi and Howard Winant maintain that “Race is more a political categorization that a biological or scientific category” (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 10). Racial distinctions can be correlated with economic and political changes in the society of the United States. In California, 1854, the state Supreme Court ruled in the case, People v. Hall that Chinese Americans should be barred from testifying against whites as Indians and Negroes had previously been barred with a California statue. The judges “marked [Chinese-Americans] as inferior, and …

are incapable of progress or intellectual development beyond a certain point” (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 495). Orientals and Hispanics were regarded to be naturally suited to perform brutal, sometimes crippling, farm labor which whites were physically unsuited to perform. In 1857, the United States Supreme Court ruling in Dred Scott v. Sandford stated that “Negroes were never considered a part of the people of the United States (Rothenberg, 2010, 495). Gender refers to the particular set of socially constructed meanings associated with each sex (Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary, 2010).

Men and women have been portrayed as polar opposites with different abilities. The notion of difference itself is constructed and suggests that the claim that women and men are naturally and profoundly different reflects a political and social decision rather than a distinction given in nature. In 1873, the Supreme Court ruled in Bradwell v. Illinois that women could not practice law and added further degradation arguing “that women belong in the “domestic sphere”” (Rothenberg, 2010, 495). Every society has different options on what constitutes a woman’s gender role verses a man’s role.

While Roe v. Wade, 1973, is considered a significant stride forward in women’s rights, the after effects of the abortion rights given have for open debate on the benefits this case has brought to the women’s movement. Spiritually, man and wife should be as one flesh (Genesis 2:24) and a helpmate to each other (Genesis 2:18), not in competition with each other for power. In the past, attitudes against races and gender other than Euro-American males have restricted the right to vote, own property, and even extended to the forced evacuation of Japanese-Americans into relocation camps.

Clearly, discrimination has existed in this country; however, “the twentieth century has seen the growth of large and diverse movements for race and gender justice” (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 497). However, Rothenberg’s emphasis on race and gender portray differences as unbridgeable and immutable, regardless of any social programs or education. Reflection Rothenberg’s collection of essays is informative of historical discrimination and the opinions of a number of authors; however, there are two sides to every story.

Rothenberg has presented only one side of the race, class, and gender issues in an angry fashion. All evil has not been created by Euro-Americans. Pem Davidson Buck states that northern Whites looked down their noses at the Irish in the same manner they looked at free Blacks (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 35). This created a “psychological wage” (Buck as quoted by Rothenberg, 2010, p. 35), instead of monetary gain, such as the employee of the month or assigned parking places (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 35).

Calvinism taught being poor was a punishment from God while success was a sign of being righteous with God. This further created differences in class among the American society, including discrimination of women, people of color, and homophobia. Differences between rich and poor, white and black, men and women are socially constructed as innate differences among people. Then they are used to rationalize or justify the unequal distribution of wealth and power that results from economic decisions made to perpetuate privilege.

The status of various occupations and class positions they imply often changes depending on whether the occupation is predominately female or male. This particular discrimination also led to more domestication of women. Status began to be calculated if a woman could “stay home” (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 36). If a woman was forced into the labor force, the family didn’t meet the cultural requirements for white privilege (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 36). The categories of gender, race and class reflect culturally constructed differences that maintain the prevailing distribution of power and privilege in a society.

Constructed differences are altered in relation to social, political and economic changes. The argument seems to fluxuate between racism and culturism. If cultural status is lost due to a woman working, that has very little to do with to which race she belongs. As stated in Buck’s essay (Rothenberg, 2010, p. 36), native men redefined themselves by” their class position as skilled mechanics working for better wages under better conditions” (p. 36) due to the ownership of their trade tools and their hard work ethic (Rothenberg, 2010, p.

36). Again this is cultural rather than racial. Any craftsmen, no matter what color his skin, can buy the tools of his trade to better his position. Rothenberg tends to be angry at this country’s struggles against racism, class and gender. She has collected many angry essays to support her racial and feminist opinions but has not shown more than a minimal reference to how far this country has progressed for all races and genders to be “We the People of the United States” (U.

S. Constitution, 1776) forming a more perfect Union under God. Action This book has given me much food for thought. During the reading of this book, I have been more consciously aware of the different races and cultures in my workplace. While I don’t agree with Rothenberg’s apparent view that racial and gender discrimination continues in our society today as it has throughout our country’s history, I do see a tendency towards a reverse discrimination.

Since my husband joined corporate America almost two years ago, I’ve watched him miss promotions, even though he is very productive and conscientious in his work, so that a minority, usually a woman, could have the position, even though her employee record is full of criticism of her work ethic. White males continue to be punished today for the actions and attitudes of their forefathers even though most do not hold those same discriminatory beliefs.

While I am not unconscious of race, I do not identify an individual as part of a particular race in my first impression or description of them. As I have illustrated with my students, no two people whether light or dark skinned are the same color. The biggest wish I have for my students is for them to be able to unzip their skin so that color is not visible to each other at all. As future medical assistants, surgical technicians, pharmacy technicians and nursing assistants, these students need to see past race, gender and even class.

As a teacher, I strive not to make decisions based on race or gender. Class is not an issue for me in the class room since all students dress in scrubs according to school dress code. Lao Tzu said, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him how to fish and you feed him for a lifetime”(n. d. ). I am a firm believer that regardless of race, gender or class that our country was founded to give everyone an equal opportunity to pursue life, liberty and happiness with hard work and education.

If I can give my students a sense of work ethic along with the academic and technical skills they need, I will have given them the tools to succeed financially and in their chosen professions.


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Race, Class, and Gender in the United States Essay