Define the concepts of altruism Essay

Define the concepts of altruism Essay.

Altruism is defined as a selfless concern or act for the welfare and good of others.  An altruistic person is not motivated to do good because of reward or duty.  A purely altruistic person gives without thought to benefits, reward or recognition.

            Autonomy in the general sense is an individual’s capacity to make rational decisions without coercion from any quarter.  In the moral sense, autonomy is the basis of a person’s moral responsibility for his actions.

            Human dignity refers to a person’s state of integrity, righteousness and virtue.

  In another perspective, human dignity means the intrinsic right of people to be accorded unconditional respect without regard for his gender, race, status, and political inclinations.

            Integrity is a concept that refers to a person’s consistency in doing things and in his principles. People with integrity behave in accordance with their beliefs and value system.

            Social justice is an application, rather than administration, of justice in every part of society.

  When there is social justice, every member of society is fairly and equitably treated and receives his fair share of societal benefits.

Describe how each value impacts the practice of a professional nurse.

A professional nurse should have an intrinsic need to help without thought for reward.  By applying altruism to the practice, the nurse becomes a better care giver who truly cares for the well-being of the patient.

            Autonomy impacts the professional nurse in the sense that he is responsible for the life of his patients.  He has to be alert and careful in performing his tasks because it is his moral obligation to make sure the patient’s life is not endangered because of errors.  The nurse must be competent in assessing and performing patient care using knowledge and professional expertise.

            Human dignity affects a professional nurse since he has to respect his patients no matter who he is.  In other words, the nurse cannot discriminate against any patient.

            In the nursing profession, a nurse with integrity acts and performs his duties in accordance to standards and ethics and he does not falter in his duties.

            Social justice requires the professional nurse to do his service to every member of society.  In the same manner, the nurse is required to treat all of his patients fairly and equitably as members of community.

Discuss how student demonstrates values listed above.

            A student must study nursing not because of the perceived financial rewards or job security in the future.  He must study nursing because it his greatest desire to do good.

            Autonomy is shown by a student when he shows responsibility for his studies.  He does not let his peers pressure him into doing activities that are not considered moral and legal.

            Human dignity is demonstrated by a student when he shows respect for all of his classmates, teachers, and other people he comes in contact with.  He does not entertain thoughts of being socially better or inferior to anyone.

            A student of integrity does his coursework consistently and responsibly.  He does not cut classes and does not perform half-heartedly in class.

            Social justice is applicable to a student by not hindering other students to have the privilege of education.  This could mean, refraining from bullying acts and other acts of aggression towards other students.


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Define the concepts of altruism Essay

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay.

Running Head: Accountability, Respresponsibility, and Respect 3 Essay on Accountability, Responsibility, and Respect
Among military members and civilians alike, there are personal qualities that determine how you act professionally and also how you act in your personal life. These qualities also determine how other people view you and judge your abilities in both aspects previously stated.

In the military, certain qualities are especially prudent because of the nature of the work we complete, and the monetary value of the equipment that we work with.

According to Eagle1 Fox2 (2008) Our organization is 1,394,311 soldiers strong, and in order to keep order and, discipline, key values are instilled into us from the day we start our careers, in basic training. Among these values, i am writing about 3 in particular; Accountability, Reponsibility and Respect.

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The Value of accountability can be applied to all facets of life. (2012) defines Accountability as “The Quality or state of being accountable; especially : an obligation or willingness to accept responsibility or to account for one’s actions.

The military uses the word Acccountability with a broader definition. Being accountable gives your command the ability to trust you with tasks and equipment. It also provides them with an accurate idea of where you are at, at all times. If all soldiers were accountable, the military would operate at a much higher performance level. Time for orders to be given, and time it takes for the orders to be carried out would drop. Allowing the military to free resources and also cut monetary spending. Leading to a more productive and cheaper military.

Accountability, Responsibility and Respect Essay

Assignment Strategic Management Essay

Assignment Strategic Management Essay.

Do firms with the following financial results have below normal, normal, or above normal economic performance? If ROA > WACC: * Company creates value for shareholders * Company generates a positive NPV (Net Present Value) * Company generates a positive EVA (Economic Value Added) (a) ROA = 14. 3%, WACC = 12. 8% Above normal economic performance (b) ROA = 4. 3%, WACC = 6. 7% Below normal economic performance (c) ROA = 6. 5%, WACC = 9. 2% Below normal economic performance (d) ROA = 8. 3%, WACC = 8. 3% Normal economic performance . Is it possible for a firm to simultaneously earn above normal economic returns and below average accounting returns? How about below normal economic returns and above average accounting returns? Why or why not? If this can occur, which measure of performance is more reliable; economic performance or accounting performance? Why? The correlation between economic returns and accounting returns is one-to-one.

That means a company that performs well using one of these measures usually perfrm well using the other.

However, it is possible for a company to have above normal economic returns and below average accounting returns.

This could happen when a firm has a very low cost of capital and is earning at a rate in excess of this cost, but still below the industry average. Is also possible for a company to have below normal economic returns and above average accounting returns. This could happen when a firm is not earning its cost of capital but has above industry average accounting performance. 1,3,5 chapter 2 1, 2

Assignment Strategic Management Essay

Importance Of Values Essay

Importance Of Values Essay.

  1. Values are guides for our behaviour.
  2. It is significant to our life and the society in general.
  3. It gives direction to our lives. Its value are clear and consistent.
  4. Values tell us the importance of people. What things are desirable and satisfying.
  5. Values are principle by which individuals are guided on their proper behaviour in a society.
  6. Values have something to do with the total formation of a person.
  7. Value mean whatever is actually prized, esteemed, desired, approved, or enjoyed by anyone at a time.

Importance Of Values Essay