solid marketing plan.

To drive customers to your website, you need to create

Question 1 options:

a solid marketing plan.

Facebook friends.

a Twitter account.

a brick-and-mortar location.


Question 2 (5 points) 

Besides your own site name, what other domain names should you register?

Question 2 options:

Names of companies you might start one day

Alternate versions of your competitions’ websites

Your domain name with numbers afterward

Common misspellings of your domain name


Question 3 (5 points) 

A website that’s easy to browse, with no dead ends, is one with good

Question 3 options:






Question 4 (5 points) 

Which of the following is true with regards to writing off the costs of computer and telecommunications expenses on your tax return?

Question 4 options:

It’s best to depreciate the items over time.

It’s best to expense the purchase during the tax year the purchase was made.

Only 50% of the cost of the items can be written off as a business expense.

These expenses can’t be written off on a personal tax return.


Question 5 (5 points) 

Firefox, Explorer, Chrome, and Safari are all examples of

Question 5 options:


accounting programs.


photography sites.


Question 6 (5 points) 

Lenore is registering her domain name for her floral design business. The domain name is What might be a possible problem with this domain name?

Question 6 options:

The name is too long.

The name isn’t descriptive.

This domain name is likely to be taken.

The name includes a misspelling.


Question 7 (5 points) 

A larger, higher-resolution computer display can improve your business by

Question 7 options:

enhancing your productivity.

reducing eye strain.

speeding up processing.

improving your sound system.


Question 8 (5 points) 

According to Harvey MacKay, a goal is a dream with

Question 8 options:


practical applications.

real promise.

a plan and a deadline.


Question 9 (5 points) 

_______ is a third-party certification seal program that verifies that a business protects confidential information with SSL encryption.

Question 9 options:






Question 10 (5 points) 

It’s important to buy a business computer, rather than a personal computer, because

Question 10 options:

it’s more impressive to your clients.

doing work on a personal computer is difficult.

time is money.

the name says it all.

find the cost of your paper