Swot Analysis: Javanet Internet Café Essay

Swot Analysis: Javanet Internet Café Essay.

JavaNet Internet Café is a newly opened coffee shop with an elite, advance, and unique Internet access. JavaNet Internet Café business creator and owner is Cale Bruckner. The business was created based on the Cale Bruckner opportunity of wanting to profit through what the public wants are; the ability to have Internet access and at affordable prices. His business plan is well laid out with good strengths and opportunity for profiting from his business. However, Cale plan did contain some weaknesses and threats that can contribute to his business being unsuccessful in the long run.

As I examine Cale’s business plan closely, below are four categories showing the strength, opportunity, weaknesses, and threat of his company.

Owner and creator of JavaNet Internet Café Cale Bruckner have opened a what-to-be profitable business that would tailor and market to what the public needs are. Although he did not have any previous experiences with in this profession, his idea is an original approach comparing to other companies.

His idea in starting his business is to find different approaches to bringing in more customers; and frankly, a simple café business would not be enough. Looking from a different marketing angle, Cale had found a successful approach in doing so; the creation of the JavaNet Internet Café. It is a café where all individuals can come to enjoy a cup of coffee or beverages while having the convenience of full internet access. Having his business located in busy downtown of Eugene, Cale strategies is to market his business to individuals ranging from the age of

Eighteen to fifty years old, those without a laptop or computer, or those without any sort of internet access. Cale had his JavaNet Internet Cafe business plan mapped out thoroughly. His business plan is mapped out in chronological order and fully detailed on where the location would be, how much it cost to operate the business, and who are his marketing targets. His main target is to profit from his business while keeping his customers satisfies.

There are couples of weaknesses that JavaNet Internet Café display. Firstly, there is too little of a demand and too much of a supple. JavaNet will the first Internet café in the town of Eugene and if there are not enough people demanding for the supply, there will not be a need for the café to be in business. Secondly, nowhere in his business plan did Cale mention about the hiring process of his staff, what are the paying wages, how many staff will be hired, nor how the business day to day operation should be. All these information are crucial to include in a business plan because it allows the owner business to operate in a smooth and friendly manner. Additionally, it allows the owner to see what kind of financial budget he or she must have and maintain. Thirdly, through the three year in business, JavaNet Internet Café did perform well or profit from the first year. According to business Projected Balance Sheet, JaveNet Internet Café net worth was below $4, 177.

Owner Cale Bruckner had his business JavaNet Internet café open when he realized the opportunity to profit in fulfilling the public demand; having internet access at an affordable price. The JavaNet Internet café is a profitable business of the reason that the demand of obtaining access to the Internet has increased more than ever. The Internet has become the modern day source of communication; from business to personal socializing.

Every company has threats, and for JavaNet Internet café is finding the demand for the service. JavaNet Internet café location will be in downtown Eugene on 10th and Oak Street. The current local population and competition will make it hard for Java café to do business if there aren’t enough of their services to go around. Moreover, comparing to other internet café, JavaNet café is still a new business and with the local people, they are not familiar with the business, the pricing, or service. As a result, JavaNet will not be profitable during the first year or business.

Cale Buckner business plan was laid out very nicely, however there are some areas within his business plan that I thought he should have elaborate more clearly on. For instance, employees play a major factor in an owners company. He should have elaborated more precise on how many employees are to be hired, the day-to-day operation, wages, and what is expected from each of them. Otherwise, Cale and his business seem to be doing better than the first year of business through the look of his Projected Balance Sheet.

Swot Analysis: Javanet Internet Café Essay

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